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New material added!

For your consideration, some nice famous material available. From a gorgeous Allende and Gujba slice, to Peekskill and Pultusk. See them here.

Some scarce irons added

I just added some harder to find Richland(Fredericksburg) Iron part-slices. They are smaller, but if you have to fill a gap then it may be a perfect fit. See them here.


Sorry about the blurry photos on the main pages of the site. I will look into this soon. PRODUCT IMAGES ARE FINE IF YOU CLICK ON THE ACTUAL STONE SPECEMIN.

International Shipping Discounted!

I know its not much, but I have lowered International First-Class shipping to $12. I am not sure how long this discounted rate will last, but I know every penny helps…

New uNWA Eucrite Stones, plus more NWA 10565

AJ16-15(38_78g)aI added some nice new little unclassified eucrites which would make a great addition to any collection. These things are NICE! Several have fusion crust, and most look lunar-like. See them here.

NWA10565(21_03g)bALSO… I added the remaining slices of NWA 10565, an awesome LL6 Breccia. I lowered the price on the non-clast slices. See what is available here.

New additions for May of 2016


I have recently added some new approvals and some Saricicek slices to my site. OFFERS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED!!!

-The Saricicek slices are large in comparison to what has been availlable. Each slice has something different to offer, and most slices are crusted:
-NWA 10620 is a very fresh Rumuruti (R4) with crust on each slice. The matrix is full of pentlandite and sparkles in the light! This stone competes as one of the freshest:
-NWA 10565 is an AMAZING LL6 Lunar-like breccia. Some of the slices are FULL of clasts (further research is being done on the clasts). A MUST SEE: and to view slices with clasts which can be held
Please remember, if you really want a particular slice, grab it up. Otherwise, PLEASE feel free to make an offer. I am quite generous at times 😉