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Postal Price Increase

Just a quick note- I want to apologize on behalf of the US Postal Service. International package prices almost doubled. Please don’t be mad at me for shipping costs as I have no control over this.

New Lunar Meteorite for Thanksgiving (a CV3 too)!

NWA10415(3_36)aI am happy to announce a newly approved Lunar Meteorite. NWA 10415 is simply stunning to look at, no doubt due to some awesome preparation by Montana Meteorite Lab. Large full slices at great prices!!! See for yourself here.

AJ15-16(7_82g)bKEEPIf you are looking for something a bit cheaper, take a peek at this unclassified CV3 (AJ15-16). I wanted to offer some cheaper alternatives and this is just the stone to do that with. Filled with CAI’s and a dual colored matrix. What more can you want! Slices and an endcut available. See it here.

Some new offerings!

uNWA_T3_(271g)aSeveral different unclassified meteorites including a possible ureilite, small superb and pristine HED, and several nice flight marked fragments. See them here.

NWA8277(1_01)a (2)Many little slices ranging from about .5g to about 1.5g of a wonderful Lunar Breccia at an AMAZING price. See slices here.

NWA10071(11_80)aLast but not least, some slices of a recently submitted PROVISIONAL L(LL)3.5 chondrite full of inclusions and some bleached chondrules too! See slices here.


Don’t be scared to give me your best offer!!! Thanks for looking!

AJmetcltr is now AJmeteorites (and other updates)!!!

It made sense. is now! I thought about it for a long time and finally decided to make the change. Additionally, I have added some exciting features:

  • Use your credit and debit cards instead of Paypal. Just go through the normal checkout process and select the credit card option. You will be taken to a secure page to enter your card information.
  • Best Offer buttons have been added to products. These buttons make it easier to submit offers on meteorites and function similar to eBay’s Best Offer button. Clicking the button will bring up an offer page. Enter your offer details and submit. You will be automatically notified once I review the offer. PLEASE NOTE: If you submit an offer, the meteorite is still available for purchase by someone else. It is only taken out of inventory once the offer is accepted and the item is paid for.
  • I will be starting a Mailing List to announce new meteorites which I am offering, as well as discounts and specials on existing ones. Don’t worry, you will not be bombarded with emails, just an occasional announcement several times a year.

A nice new CV3 at a great price!

NWA8779(490_7)aMMIntroducing NWA 8779, a very busy CV3 filled with color and variety. But what’s great is that this one will not break the bank! Take a look at the variety of slices being offered here.


Allende(7_00)aJust added, some nice big slices of Allende and a small crusted individual. See them here.

New Polymict Eucrite

NWA8658(3_82)aJust added, slices and an endcut of NWA 8658, a beautify polymict eucrite filled with a variety of colorful clasts. See them here.

Nice New CK5 Added

NWA8721(19_18g)bHello Everyone! I just added some nice slices of NWA 8721, a new CK5. Slices are competitively priced at $20/g. Only nine slices and a stunning crusted endcut are available. See them here.

New Rumuruti Added

_DSF3870I just added  slices of my new NWA 8720 R4 Rumuruti Chondrite. I am offering slices and an endcut (with a beautiful crust) for about $20/g! See them here.