Meteorite Dealers

Collectors normally like a variety of material and obtain their specimens from a variety of different dealers. I think its important to refer meteorite dealers, especially those whom I have personally dealt with myself and/or greatly respect. Many of these dealers are well known in the meteorite community and can accommodate the collector with a wide array of meteorites. Each has their own niche- several specialize in historical falls, some like micro-specimens, while others prefer planetary specimens. The one thing all these dealers have in common is that they deal in METEORITES!!! If I missed anyone, please do not take offense. Contact me and you will be added!

Note: I only add links for UPDATED sites with updated offerings or auction listings. Dealer links are provided for your convenience. I do not gain anything by listing them on my site, nor do I  control any content which may be found on their respective sites.

Aerolite Meteorites

Big Kahuna Meteorites


Historic Meteorites


KD Meteorites


Meteorite Market

Michael Blood Meteorites

Mile High Meteorites


Nakhla Dog Meteorites


Rocks On Fire

Sahara Gems

Sahara-Nayzak Meteorites



Top Meteorite

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There are many other individual dealers whom are active in the meteorite community with sites that are not updated or whom deal direct. Some of these individuals are BIG TIME dealers who simply do not have time to keep their sites updated.  If you need assistance with finding certain specimens or dealers, please contact me an I will assist as best I can.