NWA 10410 (Diogenite Breccia)

NWA10410_1aTwo flightmarked stones totaling 73.48g were purchased out of Morocco in June of 2015. A sample the smaller stone was sent to Dr. Anthony Irving who determined the stone to be a fresh Diogenite Breccia.  The remaining part of the smaller stone was cut into several slices by Montana Meteorite Laboratory. It features an extremely fresh Johnstown-like matrix filled with green orthopyroxene clasts along with some scattered black chromite.  In Dec of 2015, I purchased several more fragments of this same material (totaling an additional ~50g) which will be prepared soon. Each slice will come in a quality labeled meteorite display box.

Petrography as follows:

Fresh fragmental breccia composed predominantly of angular grains of orthopyroxene (Fs20.8Wo1.3; Fs29.6Wo3.2; FeO/MnO = 29-31) with minor olivine (Fa24.9-25.5; FeO/MnO = 48-51), chromite and troilite in a sparse matrix.

Meteoritical Bulletin entry can be found here.

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