NWA 10415 (Lunar Feldsp Breccia)

NWA10415_1Thee stones totaling 164g were purchased out of Morocco in August of 2015.   Two smaller stones totaling 20g were sent to Dr. Carl Agee for  classification who determined the stone to be a Lunar Feldspathic Breccia with high concentrations of aluminum oxide. The larger 144g stone was sent to the Montana Meteorite Laboratory where initial slices were prepared. Slices feature a dark shocked matrix filled with clasts and small vesicles. Each slice will come in a quality labeled meteorite display box.

Petrography as follows:

This is a fragmental, cataclastic, shock-melted lunar meteorite. Numerous feldspar grains and scattered olivines and pyroxenes are present throughout. There are shock melt domains present with vesicles. Accessory troilite, chromite, and Fe-oxides were observed.

Olivine Fa39.1±0.3, Fe/Mn=104±8, n=2; pigeonite Fs43.0±1.8Wo8.9±0.8, Fe/Mn=60±5, n=2; augite Fs33.3±12.7Wo35.0±6.5, Fe/Mn=64±5, n=2 plagioclase An96.8±0.3, n=2; Shock melt (20 μm defocused electron beam, proxy for bulk meteorite composition): SiO2=46.2±1.2, TiO2=0.17±0.13, Al2O3=31.6±4.4, Cr2O3=0.06±0.05, MgO=3.2±2.4, FeO=3.2±2.3, MnO=0.05±0.04, CaO=17.6±1.8, NiO=0.02±0.02, Na2O=0.34±0.03, K2O=0.10±0.04 (all wt%), MgO+FeO=6.5±4.7 (wt%), n=5.

Meteoritical Bulletin entry can be found here.

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