NWA 10491 (Plagioclase-Bearing "Feldspathic" Diogenite Breccia) SOLD OUT


A small 30g fragment of a partially fusion crusted stone was purchased out of Morocco in August of 2015. A sample of this stone was sent to Dr. Anthony Irving who determined it to be a plagioclase-bearing diogenite breccia (“feldspathic” diogenite breccia).  Half the stone was cut and prepared by me, and a few slices were prepared by Montana Meteorite Laboratory. Slices feature a nice matrix mixed with plagioclase, chromite, and some metal blebs. Each slice comes in a quality labeled meteorite box.

Petrography as follows:

Matrix-poor breccia consisting of some larger lithic clasts plus closely-packed interstitial, related mineral debris. Orthopyroxene (Fs23.6-24.6Wo4.3-3.0, FeO/MnO = 28) is the predominant phase accompanied by calcic plagioclase (~5 vol.%, An85.2-85.5Or0.3-0.4), chromite and minor stained metal.


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