Sariçiçek / Bingol (Howardite)

Sariçiçek(70_6)I do not think this meteorite needs an introduction. Perhaps one of the best falls to have recently occurred.  I obtained a 70.6g which was found by the Bürkük Family in Sarıçiçek Village (estimated location: 38.896101, 40.600190). The crusted fragment was sent off to the Montana Meteorite Laboratory for slicing. Each crusted slice has something unique, whether its a dark inclusion or a eucrite clast. Each slice will come in a quality labeled meteorite display box.

From the metbull: “(O. Ünsalan, UIst; P. Jenniskens, SETI): A bright bolide was seen and heard in Bingol province, Turkey, and recorded on several video security cameras on 2015 Sept 2 at 20:10:30 UT. Shortly after the fireball, small meteorites were heard raining down on houses in the village of Saricicek. The next morning, people found pea-sized meteorites on the street and in yards. Tuğçe Özduman of the police in Bingöl supplied the first video data from traffic cameras in Bitlis, a neighboring city. Dedicated searches were done by Iskender Demirkol, Ibrahim Yasin Erdoğan, Aydın Sükrü Bengü and Vedat Avci of Bingol University.”

Petrography can be found in the Meteoritical Bulletin entry here.

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