Mahbes Aariad / Al Mahbes (LL6 Breccia)

-PROVISIONAL- See explanation below

AJ15-3(420g)a AJ15-3(420g)bSeveral stones were purchased from finders of the Mahbes Aariad (also being called Al Mahbes) fall, including a 126.4g fragment, a 420g fragment, and a 708g stone currently considered the main mass. The stones were thought to have fallen after a bright fireball was observed near Al Mahbes, Assa, and Zag on September 12th, 2013. An immediate search began for the stones but they were only located in December of 2014 in the Mahbes Aariad area, closest to town of Al Mahbes. I purchased the two fragments in January of 2015 and the 708g main mass in June of 2015. Classification is currently under way by Prof. Hasnaa Chennaoui who is attempting to verify the fall date (an alternate date of June 08th, 2014 for the fall was also presented due to another fireball) with a short lived cosmogenics measurements.

The stones feature a rich black to brown fusion crust with a light brecciated matrix filled with troilite and plagioclase. The stones are EXTREMELY fragile for some reason, so they need to be handled with care. The recommended submission for this fall will be a LL6 breccia once all the data is returned. The slices I am offering come from the 420 gram fragment, from which I sent a 24.10g type sample for classification work. This particular fragment had a fissure running the length of the stone and was bound to completely split with the slightest bump, so I helped it along and made some slices from it. Because of how the stone cracked, some slice will have fusion crust, others will not. Each will come in a quality labeled and foam padded meteorite display box.

***Anyone interested in the main mass (to date) please contact me. It comes complete with impact markings from hitting the ground! A picture can be found here***

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