NWA 10071 (LL3)

NWA10071mm***NOTE: This material was originally submitted to NomComm as LL3 but rejected and resubmitted/approved as L(LL)3. On October 8th,2015, it was reclassified to LL3 again by based on newly acquired magnetic susceptibility data. See revision history in the Meteoritical Bulletin history for complete details*** 


A lot of several stones totaling 371.24g was purchased in Dec of 2014 from a dealer in Morocco. Classification was done by Dr. Tony Irving for analysis, who determined the stone(s) to be a LL3.5 chondrite with a shock grade of 2 and a weathering grade of 1.  Slices were prepared by me and come polished on both sides (unless otherwise noted) in a plastic foam padded meteorite box. They feature AMAZING inclusions and quite a few bleached chondrules.

Petrography: Closely-packed, relatively large (1.5 ± 0.8 mm), round, glass-bearing chondrules are set in a sparse, dark matrix containing stained kamacite. Olivine (Fa0.8-52.0; Cr2O3 in ferroan olivine rims 0.05-0.09 wt.%, mean 0.07 wt.%, sd 0.01 wt.%, N = 11), orthopyroxene (Fs1.4-9.2Wo1.0-1.1), pigeonite (Fs19.8Wo17.0), augite (Fs1.1Wo47.8), plagioclase, cruciform chromite and troilite.

See the Meteoritical Bulletin entry here.

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