NWA 10267 (LL4-7) SOLD OUT

One stone weighing 250gwas purchased out of Morocco in September of 2013. A sample was sent to Dr. Anthony Irving who determined the stone be a complex LL4-7 chondrite breccia with a shock stage of S2 and a weathering grade of W2. This is ONE of TWO known LL4-7 breccia’s!!! I cut several slices and polished them on one side. Each slice will come in a padded meteorite display box.

Petrography as follows:

Complex breccia composed of relatively large (up to 2.4 mm), well-formed chondrules, angular mineral fragments and a variety of lithic clasts set in a finer grained matrix containing altered metal. Some lithic clasts contain relict chondrules (LL6) whereas others are completely recystallized (LL7). Rare clast types include very dark, fine grained indeterminate lithologies, fragmental breccias, and an aggregate dominated by K-feldspar. Minerals are olivine (equilibrated), orthopyroxene (unequilibrated, except in type 6 and type 7 clasts), augite, sodic plagioclase, chromite, altered kamacite, taenite, calcite and barite. Some chondrules contain very calcic plagioclase (bytownite). Olivine (Fa29.0-29.5, N = 3), orthopyroxene (Fs5.4-22.8Wo0.4-3.5, N = 3), clinopyroxene (Fs9.5-9.8Wo44.5-43.3, N = 2).

Meteoritical Bulletin entry can be found here.

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