NWA 10758 (CV3) SOLD OUT

One stone weighing 202.7g was purchased out of Morocco in March of 2016. It was initially believed to be a CK3 chondrite due to a very large CAI visible from the outside. However, after a sample of this stone was sent to Dr. Anthony Irving, it was determined that the stone is actually a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite. I prepared the slices which come slightly polished to keep the chondrules most visible. Slices feature a plethora of CAIs and AOAs among the condrule filled matrix. SEVERAL SLICES FEATURE THE BIGGEST CAIs I HAVE EVER SEEN! Most slices with large CAIs were already sold prior to the classification becoming official. I therefore am only listing the specimens still available. Several slices with larger CAIs do remain and are prices accordingly. Each slice will come in a quality labeled meteorite display box.

Petrography as follows:

Irregularly-shaped, granular chondrules (some rimmed) plus elongate, amoeboid, very fine grained AOA and coarser grained CAI (containing gehlenite, diopside, perovskite and spinel) are set in a brown matrix (~20 vol.%). Olivine (Fa0.6-74.3, N = 3), orthopyroxene (Fs0.8-1.1Wo0.9-3.6, N = 3), clinopyroxene (Fs1.4-1.5Wo32.1-32.0, N = 2), Al-Ti-diopside (Fs0.3Wo57.0, Al2O3 = 16.6 wt.%, TiO2 = 2.3 wt.%).

Meteoritical Bulletin entry can be found here.

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