NWA 10854 (L3)

nwa10854_mm_anwa10854_mm_bOne crusted and fragmented stone totaling 741g was purchased in May of 2016 from a dealer in Morocco. Classification was done by Dr. Tony Irving for analysis, who determined the stone to be a L3 chondrite with a shock grade of 2 and a weathering grade of 1.  Slices were prepared by Montana Meteorite Laboratory and will come in a either a plastic foam padded meteorite box or a custom foam padded Riker box (depending on the size of the slice). The slices feature an AMAZING array of chondrules and inclusions set in a dark matrix.


nwa10854_ts1nwa10854_ts2nwa10854_ts3anwa10854_ts3b (Thin Section pictures compliments of Ray Watts. Last two show picture what is believed to be a glass chondrule with olivine laths)

Closely packed, well-formed chondrules (apparent diameter 700±400 μm) are set in a sparse fine grained, black matrix. Olivine (Fa0.6-47.0, Cr2O3 in ferroan examples 0.06-0.19 wt.%, mean 0.13±0.05 wt.%, N = 8), orthopyroxene (Fs2.5-20.9Wo0.4-1.8, N = 3), subcalcic augite (Fs23.3Wo33.8), augite (Fs15.1Wo38.4). Magnetic susceptibility log χ (× 10-9 m3/kg) = 4.81.

See the Meteoritical Bulletin entry here.

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