A 676g stone with partial crust was purchased out of Morocco in January of 2014. Initial slices were prepared by Montana Meteorite Laboratory and the classification was done by Dr. Alan Rubin, who determined to stone to be a LL3 unequilibrated chondrite with a shock stage of 1 and weathering grade of 3. The initial slices being offered are on the larger side and feature a multitude of different chondrule shapes, colors, and textures (has almost every variety of chondrule texture which makes for a great thin section). Many of the slices even have what appear to be carbonaceous inclusions! Most slices are too large to fit even the larger meteorite boxes, so they will be shipped as is. Smaller slices will come with a labeled meteorite box.
Petrography as follows:
Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows the rock contains very sharply defined chondrules averaging about 600 µm in diameter; this is in the LL range. Chondrule textural types include PO, POP, PP, BO, C, RP. Many of the chondrules contain polysynthetically twinned low-Ca clinopyroxene phenocrysts. Small amounts of fine-grained silicate matrix material are present. Olivine Fa15.7±10.5 (n=24), olivine Fa range: Fa 0.52-37.7, olivine Cr2O3 is 0.06±0.08 wt.%, 21% of the olivine Fa analyses are in the LL range; low-Ca pyroxene Fs7.8±4.7 Wo0.8±1.2 (n=13), low-Ca pyx Fs range: Fs1.9-14.0; Ca-pyx Fs22.7±1.3 Wo20.5±10.5 (n=5).

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