NWA 8385 (CK5)

A 122.5g single fragmented stone with some remnant crust was purchased out of Morocco in March of 2014. I prepared multiple thin slices to achieve a good surface to weight ratio and to minimize the cost per slice. The stone was classified by Dr. Alan Rubin who determined the stone to be a carbonaceous chondrite, specifically a CK5, with a shock grade of 1 and a weathering grade of 5. Slices feature a dark brown matrix with scattered chondrules, CAI’s and inclusions (several slices contain ridiculously large CAI’s all the up to 10-12 mm in width). Pricing varies depending on CAI’s and their size . Each slices comes in a quality labeled meteorite display box.

Petrography as follows:
Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows the rock contains ~40 vol.% matrix material; magnetite modal abundance is about 10-15 vol.%. Chondrules average ~800 µm in diameter and are readily delineated, consistent with type 5. Plagioclase grains range in size from ~40-100 μm. The groundmass if relatively coarse, with an average grain size of ~70 μm.

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