One 314g stone lacking fusion crust was purchased out of Morocco in March of 2014. Classification was done by Dr. Alan Rubin who determined the stone to be a Bali subgroup CV3 with a shock grade of 1 and a weathering grade of 3. I prepared the slices myself which features stunning CAI’s in a dark matrix with multi colored and large chondrules. Each slices comes in a labeled meteorite box.
Petrography as follows:
Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows the rock is an oxidized CV3; it contains abundant magnetite and has little metallic Fe-Ni. It has a preferred orientation petrofabric, suggesting it may be a member of the Bali subgroup. Chondrules are large, averaging 900 μm in diameter. Textural types of chondrules include Type-I porphyritic olivine and olivine-pyroxene and barred olivine. Type-II chondrules are rare. No radial pyroxene chondrules were observed in the thin section. Many of the chondrules are surrounded by igneous rims. The rock contains 5-10 vol.% amoeboid olivine inclusions ranging in length from 0.8 to 5 mm. Olivine Fa4.0±2.6 (Fa0.5-10.0, n=30); Low-Ca pyroxene Fs2.2±1.7Wo1.5±0.8 (Fs0.9-4.7, n=12).

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