NWA 8472 (LL3)

A 390.8g stone containing a somewhat weathered crust was purchased out of Morocco in May of 2014. Classification was done by Dr. Alan Rubin, who determined to stone to be a LL3 unequilibrated chondrite with a shock stage of 2 and weathering grade of 3. The slices being offered were just lightly polished to preserve the visibility of the multi colored chondrules from blending into the matrix. Several slices also contain some rare inclusions. Each slice will come with a labeled meteorite box.
Petrography as follows:
Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows that chondrules lack clear glassy mesostasis. There are numerous grains of polysynthetically twinned low-Ca pyroxene. Chondrules are large, averaging ~600 μm in diameter, consistent with LL. There is very little metal present, consistent with LL. Even though the rock is W4 and most of the metal has been weathered, there is not that much limonite, indicating that there was little metal initially. Olivine Fa12.0±3.9 (Fa3.7-15.9, n=14); Low-Ca pyroxene Fs8.6±10.8Wo1.0±1.0 (Fs6.2-20.5, n=18). Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL3); subtype estimated >3.5 due to chondrules lacking clear glassy mesostases.

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