NWA 8779 (CV3)

NWA8779(490_7)aMMA 490.7g stone was acquired out of a larger lot of stones totaling 5742g in October of 2014. A sample was submitted to Dr. Anthony Irving for analysis who determined the stone(s) to be a CV3 Carbonaceous Chondrite(s) with a shock and weathering grade of 2. Slices were prepared by me and feature a variety of colorful chondrules, interesting clasts, and fairly large CAI’s set in an orangish grey matrix. Slices (depending on size) will either come in a labeled meteorite box or custom padded Riker Mount.

Petrography as follows: Relatively large, granular chondrules (1.4±0.6, one 3.3 mm) and fine-grained CAI (up to 3.8 mm across) occur in a finer-grained matrix, portions of which are stained orange by alteration of accessory metal. Olivine (Fa0.3-43.3, N = 3), orthopyroxene (Fs0.8Wo0.9), pigeonite (Fs1.1Wo15.7), subcalcic augite (Fs1.1Wo34.8), augite (Fs1.9Wo42.0). Direct link to Meteoritical Bulletin here.

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