Richland (Fredericksburg) (Iron IIAB)

From the Metbull:

A 47 kg iron meteorite was reportedly found near Fredericksburg, Texas. Chemical analysis (Wasson et al., 2007) showed that it is indistinguishable from Richland, a 13.6 kg IIAB iron that was found ~300 km away. It is likely that these meteorites are paired and that one (or both) masses were transported by humans from their original find locations. Henceforth, the name Fredericksburg shall be an unofficial synonym for Richland. The new mass may be referred to as “Richland (Fredericksburg).” A total of 213 g is on deposit at UCLA.

The part slices I am selling here are from a 111g Fredericksburg part-slice which was cut to about a 36g slice. The slice was “hacked”, so I cut it into smaller sections.

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